hijinx brewing co.
Industry // brewing      INSTRUCTOR // Bradford       CATEGORY // branding      DATE // 2019
Hijinx is a craft beer company located in the East Village of San Diego, California, that offers mostly strong, hop forward beers with high ABV. The brand embraces the gritty history of East Village in its brand story. The beer targets middle class craft beer lovers, ages 23–34, who enjoy strong beer that give a buzz with less.

To communicate the brand story, I chose to use illustrations of retro characters with a 1950s style. The characters, which are created with an edgy street aesthetic that connects to the rough past of East Village, have a name and story that relates to the flavor notes of the beer variety on which they are featured. The Knockout typeface family was chosen for its utilitarian, bold confidence and large variety of weights and widths that allowed for tight lockups on label designs.

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