industry //  hospitality     INSTRUCTOR // Bradford       CATEGORY // branding       DATE // 2019                                                     
8 Bit is an 80s retro-themed arcade lounge that serves small bites, beer, and cocktails. This is the type of lounge that you would go to with a small group of friends, enjoy some drinks, and play classic games that bring you nostalgic memories.

It was inspired by retro games such as pinball machines, neon signs, and 80s movies.  In order to achieve this, I choose to use bright colors with dark blues to give the feel of a dark arcade. I also choose to use pixelated elements and geometric types such as Stratum 1.  Stratum 1 was the best choice for its crisp and powerful capitals, sharp angled terminations and resemblance to typefaces used in 8 bit video games. Gamer puns were used for the drink menu and resemble the main menu of the start of a video game.

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